possible efficiency improvements for a water tube boiler Agent

Boiler and Feedwater Pump Efficiency Optimization ...

Small to intermediate size boilers are only being considered for this application note. With oil-burning and gas-burning boiler efficiencies over 90% power plants are examining all associated processes and controls for . Between 1 and 3% of the gross work produced by a is used to pump feedwater.

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Performance Monitoring and Combustion Optimization ...

May 23 2014 · The application of this typically results in improved sustainable combustion conditions (heat rate improvements ranging 0.5% 2.0%) with NOx reduction (up to 50%) reduction in CO concentrations guaranteed fly ash saleability protection of from detrimental gas concentrations and maintaining optimum heat absorption patterns ...

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Optimising Boiler Efficiency - Boiler Water Treatment

Water tube boilers having a smaller water surface area in the steam drum. This gives higher steam release rates. This style of tube boiler often operates at a higher capacity so even a small amount of blowdown in percentage terms can be significant. These also operate at

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Plant Engineering | Improving steam system efficiency

Apr 16 2013 · Where the operating efficiency of a modern non-condensing boiler without an economizer may be 80% additional savings of more than 10% can be achieved with a condensing economizer. Veitch indicates Typical ConDex units result in a boiler efficiency of 90-97%. We seldom see anything below a 10%

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