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How to Steam Up a Mamod Steam Engine

Depending on what steam engine you have you will either have a water level plug or a water level glass gauge to the side of the boiler. If you have a water level plug unscrew it and fill the boiler up with water till water starts flowing out of the water level hole. If you have a water level glass gauge fill the boiler up until you see the water level get to around 85% up (there is a small indentation on the water level

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Have to keep adding water to steam boiler Heating Help ...

If you have to run out and your boiler runs out of water you're either going to test the LWCO or if it fails dry fire the boiler. With the controls on the market there is no good reason not to incorporate an auto fill with . Really should be on any unless the mfr. gives a darn good reason not to.

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