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The efficiency of a boiler can be increased with an economizer. 60C rise in feed water temperature with the help of economizer can save up to 1% of fuel. Air heater Air supplied to a boiler for combustion is pre heated with the help of air heater by recovering the

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Which of the fire tube and water tube boilers are more responsive to load changes and why? ... food service humidification or other ... high or low fuel pressure. Pressure/temperature relief valves are also provided. Fuel trains are designed to shut down in case of high pressure high temperature low water flame failure high or low fuel ...

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Steam boilers used in food processing are usually the water-tube design in which water is pumped through tubes in the boiler that are surrounded by hot combustion gases from a burner or firebox. An alternative design (the fire-tube boiler) has the combustion gases contained in tubes that pass through water in the boiler vessel.

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