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Radiant Heat Manifolds PEX Manifolds for Radiant Heating ...

To select a proper size radiant heat manifold match the number of PEX tubing circuits (loops) in the system with the branch size of the manifold. General recommended installation practices for radiant heating applications are: 200-250ft for 3/8" PEX tubing per circuit. 300-350ft for 1/2" PEX tubing per circuit. 400-500ft for 5/8" PEX tubing per circuit.

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Choosing Your Radiant Heat Manifold | Ecosolaris Blog

These valves allow an easier purge and fill of the system. Thermometers. A namifold is equipped with 2 thermometers. They are positionned on the return and the supply manifolds. They allow to measure the water temperature coming out from the boiler and moving through the various floor loops and compare it with the water returning to the manifold.

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Gas Dehydration System Overview | Kimray

Located at the base of the contactor tower there is a three-valve manifold which includes the gas inlet valve bypass valve and gas outlet valve. On startup of the gas dehydration system all three valves are opened. This allows gas to bypass the tower but also allows gas from the pipeline to

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