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Abstract. The atmospheric impact of stack emissions from a power plant (tri-generator and boilers) that will be installed in an urban area in the central Po valley (Northern Italy) characterized by calm wind events is studied and compared with the impact of the existing plant (conventional boilers). Both the plants are supplied by methane gas. The atmospheric dispersion of NO x emitted is simulated both in

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A steam power plant consists of a boiler steam turbine and generator and other auxiliaries. The boiler generates steam at high pressure and high temperature. The steam turbine converts the heat energy of steam into mechanical energy. The generator then converts the mechanical energy into electric power. Our highly efficient and environmental friendly power plants will contribute to the stable supply of

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Conventional (boiler and turbine) power plants use a variety of resources such as coal oil and natural gas as fuel to generate power.

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Detailed information Conventional Power Plants. In general a conventional power plant primarily comprises of a steam boiler which produces steam at high pressure and temperature (pressures of 250 bar and temperatures of between 550-560°C are not uncommon). The most common fuels for the boilers are coal natural gas fuel gas and oil .

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