gas suspension absorber for power boiler Agents

Aqueous stable magnesium hydroxide suspensions which are ...

It has recently attracted attention as a sulfurous acid gas absorber in flue gas as well as an additive to boilers using heavy oil for prevention of both high and low temperature corrosion. Magnesium hydroxide is transported in the form of a slurry cake or dry powder.

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Wet Industrial Flue Gas Desulfurization Unit: Model ...

The absorber hydrodynamic is modeled using an EulerEuler approach to represent countercurrent flow between flue gas and droplets; the oxidation reactor is modeled as a bubble reactor. Fly ash collection and solid handling were also implemented in order to predict the gypsum quality.

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ESP and FGD System: Absorber System

May 23 2015 · Slurry spray layer is set in absorber upper flue gas area. 3 layers are set (2 for use and 1 for standby) for one absorber each of which has 1 slurry circulation pump. Under normal BMCR operation situation 2 spray layers are started and 1 layer is for standby.

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Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of an Industrial Gas ...

In this work semidry desulfurization of flue gas using a gas suspension absorber (GSA) is studied. A simple dynamic model which can properly represent the GSA was developed. In order to model the reaction kinetics an empirical reaction rate expression was introduced.

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